Harpologie 2

Omslag Harpologie 2

After the success of Harplogie 1 a second movement/volume was to follow. I’m proud to say that it is – after a lot of pleasure and deliberation – on your music stand!
The framework of Harpologie 2 is the same and the first volume: every lesson comprises two recital pieces (in which one of the pieces has a play along track on the CD), a theory assignment (named Brain Breaker) and a number of exercises in the section Helpdesk.
I am extremely honoured that Hanneke van Broekhoven was willing to do the illustrations of this volume also. She has given Harpologie its’ own blueprint which I am very proud of. A huge thank you goes to Remko Kühne. He continuously used his magic on my simple tunes turning them into potential world hits (or in any case inspiring study materials) showing me patience and giving me a lot of energy and advise. 
I do hope that with a lot of pleasure and love for the music you will be eager to get behind your harp. 





Tortillas con tacos

by Harpologie | Harpologie Intro


by Harpologie | Harpologie Intro