Harpology 1


Cover-deel-1-ENGMay I welcome you to the fantastic world of music? I am sure you are eager to start playing one of the most beautiful instruments of the world: the harp!!
Harpology is a method for the Celtic harp including a play along CD. This method contains 16 lessons (62 pages) with all sorts of musical elements.

Every lesson is made up out of four subjects: one musical performance piece with CD, one musical piece without CD, the subject ‘Musical Toy’ which teaches you in a playful way about theory and the subject ‘Gymnastics’ in which the technique of playing the harp is displayed.

Harpology has been on sale since september 2004 and has recieved a lot of appreciation from music schools and harp teachers all over Europe. It is the only harpmethod for the beginning student with CD. All pieces have been arranged in a modern way by Remko Kühne. A variety of styles – from classical music to big band and reggae – are presented. The illustrations are specially made by Hanneke van Broekhoven.